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Our Goal

Strike a balance

We aim to create a place of learning and growth for toddlers and young children in a warm, welcoming and respecting atmosphere. We cater to the different physical, social-emotional and cognitive needs of each child. Through positive role modeling we create an atmosphere which makes it easy to learn and practice social competence.

We believe children are beautiful, intelligent individuals, with the inborn sense and skills needed to understand and relate to their world. However, we also recognize the importance of the social and cultural systems into which the child is required to fit.

We understand that if children feel good about themselves and connect positively to their environment, they will learn to use their cognitive skills to sustain and further themselves as well as the communities they live in.

We therefore see the aim of education – and the task of educators – as being to sensitively strike a balance between helping children bring out their unique personalities and helping them to become healthy members of their society.