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List of prices and services

as from August 1st, 2018

Monthly parent contribution to the local administration: Depending on income
+ Monthly parent contribution to the kindergarten: 195 €
+ Additional payment for meals: 65 €
Debit expenses (lack of covering)

16 €

To protect us from double bookings and multiple registrations, you are asked to make an a / c payment upon signing the contract in accordance with the table below, which will be refunded to you after the start of the care by waiving the first monthly payments. In case of cancellation of the contract through you before caregiving has started, this a/c payment is non-refundable. For brothers or sisters of children who are already enrolled with us, no deposit will be charged.

Number of months between signung of contract
and start of caregiving
 0-2   3-12  12+
Amount of a/c payment 0 €  780 €  1.560 €
Welcome bonus: Number of months after start of caregiving
during which no monthly parent contribution will be charged
from the kindergarten
 0  4  8