Quality in caregiving.

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Mission statement

Our educational model is based on the assumption that children learn particularly well through direct practical ...

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Our values

People feel that their work makes the most sense the more their activity corresponds to their own personal values. In a ...

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Since its foundation in 2006, rainbowtrekkers has stood for human diversity among children and employees, which is also ...

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Educational objectives

At rainbowtrekkers, the focus is on learning and growing up in a culturally diverse environment characterised by ...

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Educational approaches

At rainbowtrekkers we have a so-called "eclectic" approach, i.e. our approach consists of different pedagogical action ...

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Our curriculum

The rainbowtrekkers curriculum is a framework for learning rather than a list of contents. The children in our care want ...

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Observation & documentation

Observation and documentation are the basis of a reflected pedagogical work. Observing children also means paying ...

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Nutrition & Health

The meals served cater to the special eating habits of babies and toddlers. They follow the idea of “eating with ...

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In our institutions, children are at the centre of inclusive development processes. In principle, the inclusive aspect ...

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