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Parents and educators are partners

Exchanging information to better understand the child

Learning is a multi-dimensional process. Parents' observations are important for the educator in order to understand the child. Parents may gain insight about their child in a group setting through the observations of the educators. This exchange helps us all understand the child better and encourages parents and teachers to work in partnership for the child as a whole.

Regular individual and group meetings with parents are organized for the exchange of information and discussion of any topic related to the child’s growth and development.

Parents are provided a regularly maintained oral and written record of each child’s development.

At rainbowtrekkers we have an open door policy and parents are welcome to visit their child at any time during working hours without prior notice.

Cooperation with Cologne University to support understanding of early mulitlingualism

rainbowtrekkers maintains a cooperation with Cologne University aiming to establish a scientific exchange with students from various fields.

Our bilingual kindergartens with children and teachers from a great variety of nationalities are ideally suited to accommodate research projects in early multilingualism. Students are invited to experience daily life at one of our kindergartens. They will also have the opportunity to do little research projects in the fields of language assessment and promotion of language acquisition as part of their bachelor and master study programmes.

We are looking forward to a fruitful exchange on the topics of language development, multilingualism and second language acquisition. We are sure that our guests will enrich our early childhood programme by new insights from their field of studies and will bring creative input into our manifold pedagogical work.