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Language immersion

Diving into a new sorrounding

Young children absorb languages easily and more so during the first three years of life. At rainbowtrekkers, English is the main language of instruction and learning. German is spoken by certain educators to enhance the use of the local language. However, every caregiver consistently communicates to the children using only one language.

rainbowtrekkers are open to children who are exposed to English at home as well as children coming from homes where English is not spoken at all.

We follow the idea of “language immersion” as put forth by the German Verein für frühe Mehrsprachigkeit. It is based on the principle of total immersion according to which the child is surrounded by the target language and the children learn it while engaging in daily activities and through play. Within the framework of German language acquisition we prepare each child individually for preschool language classification tests and offer personal tutoring if needed.