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Lindenthal (Dürener Str. 394)

Our Lindenthal center is located right next to the Stadtwald forest. The center is easily accessable by car and public transport from Lindenthal, Braunsfeld, Neustadt-Süd, Sülz, Klettenberg and Junkersdorf. more »

Junkersdorf (Ulrich-Brisch-Weg 1)

Our center on Ulrich-Brisch-Weg is located on the compound of a former Belgian army base in midst of a newly developed residential area (Stadtwaldviertel) in Cologne-Junkersdorf. more »

Widdersdorf (Unter Linden/Auf der Vierzig 2)

Our Widdersdorf center is located in the newly devoloped neighbourhood Widdersdorf-Süd and is designed to serve Cologne’s north western neighbourhoods. The center is accessable by car and public transport. more »