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Our Lindenthal Center

Dürener Straße 394

Lindenthal Kindergarten

Our Lindenthal center started working back in 2008 and is located right on Dürener Straße next to the Stadtwald forest. The center is easily accessable by car and public transport from Lindenthal, Braunsfeld, Neustadt-Süd, Sülz, Klettenberg and Junkersdorf.

It hosts two groups serving 30 children from 1 to 6 years:

  • Lindenthal ChildhoodThe “Bungalow” group is dedicated to the particular needs of the under three. In this group, the very young ones are slowly introduced into community care.
  • The“Big group” creates a setting which allows for cross age encounter between children of different developmental stages. It also caters to the special cognitive demands of the preschoolers and offers a stimulating study programm.<
Space and materials in our setting are arranged to promote active learning within a safe, comfortable and secure environment.  The rooms are divided into areas organized around specific kinds of play and care, such as small toy area, book area, movement area, art area and spaces for diapering, meals, and naps.

Lindenthal KindergartenOur indoor space is about 340 sq.m. offering separate rooms for play and rest. The rooms have big windows faciliating air circulation and entry of lots of light. Toilets are suited for young children. A shared gym room serves both groups.

We have a garden and a courtyard attached to the house of about 700 sq.m. Different sections cater to children of different ages.

Leadership: Iva Sekulovic

ivMy name is Iva Sekulovic and I'm running the Lindenthal branch. I was born in Croatia and lived in Split before moving to Cologne. I studied five years at the University of Split and graduated with a Master's Degree in Pedagogy. Before moving to Germany I was working as an associate educator in a High School and participated in drafting their curriculum.

My knowledge about childcare and education is not only based on my academic background since I've learned most by being a mother myself. I believe that if children are gently supervised and guided while being placed in a well-prepared environment they will discover what they need for their own development by themselves and reach for those things. Creation of those environments is the responsibility of parents and educators.

The main things I enjoy during my free time are playing with my daughter Andrea, travelling and reading books.

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