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Our Widdersdorf center

Unter Linden / Auf der Vierzig 2

Our Widdersdorf center is located in the newly devoloped neighbourhood Widdersdorf-Süd and is designed to serve Cologne’s north western neighbourhoods. The center is accessable by car and public transport.

It hosts five groups serving 80 children from 1 to 6 years.
  • bThe two baby groups are dedicated to the special needs of the under three. In these groups, the very young ones are slowly introduced into community care.
  • The two middle groups create a setting which allows for cross age encounter between children of different developmental stages.
  • Our big group caters to the special cognitive demands of preschoolers and offers a stimulating study programme.
The building is barrier-free and designed to fit the need of the disabled. All group rooms have floor-to-ceiling windows faciliating air circulation and entry of lots of light allowing all children to see and discover what is happing outside. A shared gym room serves all the groups.

Space and materials in our setting are arranged to promote active learning within a safe, comfortable and secure environment.  The rooms are divided into areas organized around specific kinds of play and care, such as small toy area, book area, movement area, art area and spaces for diapering, meals, and naps.

At the outside, a major playground creates spaces for group and individual play. Different sections cater to children of different ages.

Leadership: Samuel Armstrong

My name is Sam Armstrong and I am the leader here in Widdersdorf. I was born in Ireland, but spent most of my life in the United States. I hold a degree in both Early Childhood Education and Business Management.

My background in education is quite diverse having spent many years both playing and coaching tennis professionally as well as teaching kindergarten in the U.S.A. I am a strong believer in learning through exploration and play, and I hope to implement this into our daily life at the kita.

Deputy leader: Sandra Feld

My name is Sandra Feld and I am the Deputy Director of the rainbowtrekkers facility in Widdersdorf. I live with my family in the beautiful Eifel. I have been working as an educator for over 30 years.

In my work, a resource-oriented perspective is the most important thing to me. My attitude to meet all people without prejudice and to see their strengths and abilities, and based on that to develop pedagogical action made it possible for me to work in different areas.

Over the past three decades, I gained a wide range of expertise that I incorporate into my work. For more than seven years I have worked in residential youth welfare institutions. In the course of this, I had the opportunity to work as an experiential pedagogue with elements of adventure based education and I got to know the wonderful way of animal-supported pedagogy.

In addition, I have training as a relaxation educator and learning therapist. I am very happy to work in Widdersdorf and to be able to accompany the children on their way.

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