Quality in caregiving.

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Mission statement

Respect and support

Our educational model is based on the assumption that children learn particularly well through direct practical encounters with people, objects, experiences and ideas. During this active learning process, we encourage children to explore the world around them in a playful way. Learning and development are anchored through trusting relationships with carers who support the children in their learning experiences.

Rainbowtrekkers believes that every child is unique and people continue to learn throughout their lives. We create an environment that encourages children to live out their uniqueness so that they can internalize and embrace the feeling that “I am good as I am”. At the same time, we want the children to develop an open attitude towards others.

Since the world is in a constant state of change, we want to strengthen the children’s ability to successfully master their lives in this world. The children are to be strengthened in their personality and receive different strategies from us to be able to develop a relationship with other people. The human being is a social being and needs the community of other people in order to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

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Förderverein Frühe Bildung in der Kita
Transparente Zivilgesellschaft