Quality in caregiving.

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Framework Concept

Pedagogical work ethics and child protection

Would you like to find out more about our organization? In our framework concept we would like to give you an overview of who rainbowtrekkers are and how we work. The framework concept contains, among other things, our mission statement as well as information on the principles of our educational work, language promotion, observation and documentation, educational partnership and complaint management.

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In this language concept, we would like to describe how multilingual language acquisition takes place in practice at rainbowtrekkers, what theoretical foundations it is based on, and what suitable diagnostic procedures for (multilingual) language assessment might look like in the future, which are more dedicated to the special translingual competencies of daycare children growing up multilingually and in a more appreciative way than before.

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As those who work in the day-care sector, we should always be aware that we are accompanying young people who are not yet physically or mentally capable to fully advocate for their own rights. There is always a structural inequality between children and adults in educational institutions for children. In our child protection act you will find out how we deal with this challange and how we want to improve our standards of child protection.

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