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Participation regardless of physical abilities

In our institutions, children are at the centre of inclusive development processes. In principle, the inclusive aspect is about moving away from the two-group approach (disabled – non-disabled). In our opinion, there are different dimensions of heterogeneity, i.e. different levels and perspectives of difference and diversity. In this sense, all children always belong to several different groups (depending on age, gender, migration background, disability, etc.).

Rather, the children should feel addressed in all our institutions, regardless of their social, cultural or religious origin, their gender, and even regardless of their individual physical abilities and skills. They should find places where they feel comfortable. We want all children to be able to participate equally and on an equal footing in everyday life and in the respective educational processes in our kindergartens.

At rainbowtrekkers, questions of inclusion are dealt with by an inclusion expert who supports the principals with their expertise. Our internal quality manual describes in detail the appropriate measures for the admission and care of children with disability-related needs.

In order to focus on the topic of inclusion and to promote employees in this area, we offer in-house training courses. In addition, our pedagogical professionals have the opportunity to attend an external advanced training course on this or other pedagogical topics for four days per kindergarten year.

There are two development discussions for each child during the course of the kindergarten year. These meetings are conducted by the pedagogical professionals with the respective parents. This also applies to a child with special needs. In such a case, however, the following persons are also involved in the so-called “round table” talks: the responsible principal, the inclusion specialist and the therapist. A participation and development plan are also developed jointly and the child’s progress is later compared with the target goal.

The feedback of pedagogical professionals with the responsible therapist takes place independently of the “round table”. The therapists have the opportunity at any time to participate in the day-to-day running of the kindergarten.

Inclusion coordinator: Sandra Feld

Sandra Feld is a relaxation pedagogue, cognitive therapist and trained educator. She supports parents and teams at rainbowtrekkers in all matters concerning inclusion.

She advises parents on their way through the bureaucratic jungle, trains staff and establishes networks with external support providers.


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