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Do you and your children already have your center of life in Germany? Then you have a right to a caregiving place for your child from the age of 1 vis-a-vis the municipality of your current (or future) place of residence in Germany. That’s why our sign-up procedure takes place centrally via the e-governance portal of “LittleBird” on the website of the city of Cologne.

If not already existent, please open a user account in “LittleBird”, select one or more of our facilities of your choice and then send your place request(s) from there. You will then receive a system-generated confirmation of receipt for your place request from “Little Bird”.  We will contact you once a vacant childcare place becomes available that matches your specific search criteria.

Registration to our kindergartens through “Little Bird” is available to all residents of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Netherland, Poland and Switzerland. If you are from one of these countries and plan to relocate to Cologne, there is no need for you to already have a registered residential address in town in order to send us a place request through “Little Bird”.

Only if you plan to relocate to Cologne from a country not on this list, please send us your place request via this form.
On the Website Little Bird you can choose from different languages.

Data protection notice: The software “LittleBird” is not operated by rainbowtrekkers but by the city of Cologne. Data processors are therefore not rainbowtrekkers, but the city of Cologne.

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