Quality in caregiving.

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Quality assurance

Internally and externally

Our educational processes as well as all associated management and support processes in the daycare centers and our main offices are subject of a quality audit by external auditors. The aim is to achieve certification in accordance with the PQ-Sys quality standard by the end of 2021.

PQ-Sys is the quality system of Paritätischer Wohlfahrtsverband (based on DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015). A management consultancy supports us during the preparation process.

Internal Evaluation

The external certification includes annual internal evaluations based on the National Catalog of Criteria for Educational Quality in Day Care Centers for Children (NKK). The twenty quality areas formulated in the NKK are aimed directly at the actions of educational specialists.

They range from rooms for children to language training and bilingual education to criteria for cooperation between management and team. These criteria serve as a professional orientation framework

The internal evaluation as part of the QM certification also includes our regular parent surveys and employee surveys on job satisfaction. The results are statistically evaluated anonymously.

On the part of the management, there is an evaluation interview with the principals on the parent surveys and an evaluation interview in the team on the respective employee surveys.

The statistical key figures on employee and parent surveys, sick leave and accident figures are made public within the organization and published on the intranet.

Through the structured comparison between actual and target, we check compliance with our own standards as well as compliance with legal and educational requirements. The knowledge gained from this helps us to initiate and maintain quality-enhancing processes.

Knowledge management

With the help of our digital QM system, we contribute to active knowledge management between generations of employees in the long term. Within the system, all important educational and organizational processes are described in detail.

The system encompasses the following topics: organizational structure, pedagogical model, pedagogical work on children, recurring events throughout the year, leadership in the pedagogical area, complaint management and the quality of the administrative services. In addition, practical topics such as first aid, illnesses, hazardous substances, hygiene, fire protection, instructions, accidents as well as violence and terror are dealt with.

There are clear job descriptions for all educational areas.

In addition to the internal training events (“Team Days”), all employees have the right to participate in advanced vocational training classes organized by external providers. Each employee has a fixed financial and time budget available for this purpose.

As part of our language acquisition program, we also support our employees financially in achieving bilingualism (German-English) up to level B2 of the European reference framework. In this way, German-speaking employees can improve their English language skills and English-speaking employees can improve their German language skills.

Reflexion & Fachberatung

In pedagogical professions, self-reflection is one of the most important skills needed. Another quality management measure is, therefore, the provision of professional team coaching for teams in times needed. Principals can receive individual coaching from an external coach.

In addition to regular employee appraisals, we hold event-related feedback discussions. Conversely, regular feedback to the supervisor is asked for at fixed times.

Furthermore, expert educational advice is available to us from the German Daycare Association.

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