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Are you looking for a lively, multilingual and international workplace with children and colleagues from all over the world?

Then work as part of our diverse team with an appreciative culture where multiculturalism enriches your daily life

Are you a state-certified educator or pedagogical specialist looking for a facility where you can…

… you can develop yourself linguistically and culturally?

… you work in a multi-professional and multi-cultural team?

… you always receive support from the organization and facility management?

… you don’t have to follow a rigid pedagogical concept, but are allowed to help shape it?

… an adequate staffing ratio ensures that overwork does not occur in the first place?

… you will find a colorful, lively everyday life with languages and families from all over the world?

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Living diversity

Diversity is part of our everyday life.

Our multilingualism and internationality give you the opportunity to broaden your linguistic and cultural horizons every day.

Our employees are regularly amazed at how much they learn every day.

We are committed to open communication so that your concerns are always heard.

We have a day care centre council with two staff representatives per day care centre, so you can always have your say.

We also conduct a frequent staff survey on job satisfaction so that we know exactly where you see potential for improvement or where you would like more support from us.

Appreciative working atmosphere

Flexible working hours

Orientation towards our pedagogical concept is important to us, but we take care to refrain from “rigid adherence” in order to be able to demonstrate mutual appreciation in our day-to-day work.

We are always happy to receive your input on the pedagogical concept.

We also work in an error-friendly and supportive manner – also in possible cases of conflict with parents.

Accountability is also very important to us: once a year, you will receive an accountability report from the management so that you are informed about current events at the management level.

We organise our working hours in a shift schedule, which includes a fixed preparation time.

You can express your individual wishes in regards to the working schedule at any time.

In the event of illness, an adequate staffing ratio ensures that you can recover without worry.

20 days of holiday must be planned each year for our closing days. The remaining holiday entitlement can be taken flexibly.

Well-structured induction

We place great value on an organised and transparent six-month onboarding process.

For this purpose, we use our own personnel software, which accompanies you digitally during your induction.

This software keeps track of all your tasks during the onboarding phase, as well as important work materials such as the digital quality management and safety manual.

A contact person is always available to answer your questions.

Within the KiTas, there are “Team Days” during which active team-building events take place, as well as the annual Summer Party.

We regularly hire external coaches for event-related supervision to promote team bonding.

For many employees, the team has become like a second family.

Invaluable further and ongoing training

To help you develop professionally and personally, we regularly offer you opportunities for further education and training.

Of course, we also provide financial support for training opportunities that you choose yourself.

As part of the language acquisition programme, we support you in achieving bilingualism (German-English) and subsidise your language courses and certificate exams.

In order to master cultural challenges, we offer additional seminars, e.g. on how to conduct parent-teacher conferences.

We offer appraisal interviews for your self-reflection and professional development – when you need them.

As a rule, you will have a permanent contract with us. Our remuneration model is based on a pay scale, which is made up of various elements:

  • Position
  • work experience
  • Language level
  • Job

A bonus is added to your salary if you have been with us for 5, 7 and 10 years.

We offer employee loans of up to 2,600 euros if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Attractive bonuses

Flat hierarchies

From the first year of employment, you will receive 30 days of holiday in addition to your salary, which can be increased to up to 34 days with your length of service.

If you are among the top 15% of employees who have taken the least amount of sick leave at the end of the year, we will give you 3 additional bonus days of leave.

We also offer you access to a company pension plan after 1.5 years of employment.

Plus: every amount you pay into the company pension scheme is subsidised again by 20%.

A job ticket for public transport or a tax-free payment in kind are also among our valued perks.

Think green: If you commute by car, there are good parking facilities at the KiTa Widdersdorf. To get to the other KiTas, we recommend using public transport or a bicycle.

A familiar working atmosphere is important to us, which is why you will always find opportunities to participate in many decision-making processes.

We want to avoid an anonymous management level, and instead we want you to be closely involved in the decision-making processes.

Does this sound exciting to you? Then we look forward to receiving your application.

We will gladly take time for you and advise you personally on all questions.

Feel free to contact us without any obligation!

This is very important to us:

  • A degree as a recognised educator, educational specialist, remedial teacher, curative education nurse, as well as graduates of Bachelor’s and/or Master’s degree programmes in education, social work or comparable degrees.- Openness, interest and willingness to develop a deep understanding of other cultures.- The creation of a caring framework in which children are allowed to develop freely, as well as feel cared for, safe and secure.
  • Strong reflective and observational skills to meet the cultural challenges of everyday life.
  • A minimum language level of “fluent in German or English” upon induction.

Our promise to you:

  1. Multicultural and linguistic diversity – a lively, multilingual and international working environment with colleagues from all over the world.
  2. A team that values mutual support and appreciation.
  3. Job security with attractive benefits.
  4. A wide range of training and development opportunities, as well as promotion prospects to group and facility management.
  5. Flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and transparency, so that you always see yourself as an important part of the facility.
  6. The acquisition of bilingual skills so that you can always discover something new culturally.

We look forward to receiving your application!

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