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Parents and educators are partners

Open doors for mom and dad

Learning is a multilateral process. Parent observations and assessments are important for educators to understand the child faster and better. And through the educators’ observations, parents can gain an understanding of how their child behaves in group situations. This exchange helps us all to better respond to the child and encourages parents and educators to work in partnership for the benefit of the child.

Parent work at rainbowtrekkers is characterized by openness and transparency. This allows the family system and the daycare system to come closer together. We attach great importance to respectful communication between parents, facility management and professionals.

As a matter of principle, parents’ evenings are held in all facilities several times during the kindergarten year. Important information is passed on, organizational matters are discussed, the acclimation process is explained in detail and many other topics are dealt with. In addition, each facility produces individual newsletters. In addition, various festivals are held annually, which the professionals celebrate together with the parents and their children, for example, a lantern parade or a summer festival. Parents also receive a daily verbal report from the professionals on how their child’s day went.

Elections to the Parents’ Council are held at the beginning of each kindergarten year. The Parent Council articulates parent needs, assists in organizing special activities, and organizes community life in the daycare centers.

Parents may approach the staff at any time with questions or concerns. This may be done verbally or in writing. Parents are encouraged to contribute ideas, requests or suggestions at any time. It is very important to us that parents not only feel that their children are in good hands, but also that they feel comfortable. After all, children are sensitive and they sense it when parents have difficulties in dealing with the professionals.

Starting in the 2021/22 daycare year, the KiTaPLUS parent app will support us in digital day-to-day communication with parents (changes in pick-up authorizations, vacations, sick calls for the child, etc.).

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