Quality in caregiving.

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Educational objectives

Social competence through role models

At rainbowtrekkers, the focus is on learning and growing up in a culturally diverse environment characterised by linguistic diversity. The aim is to promote children’s open-mindedness and respect for others and to develop their own individual identity. The development of social skills and the awakening of the joy of lifelong learning are also important to us. At the same time, we strengthen the rights of the children and acknowledge them in their entirety.

We aim to teach children life skills that go beyond specialist knowledge. We also see each child in their entirety: emotionally, physically, relationally, intellectually, creatively and spiritually. The children should develop the courage to accept future challenges in life. In the sense of participation, they have the choice to take part in activities. The learning environment is well thought-out and well equipped so that the children can pursue their interests.

The learning environment is well thought out and well equipped so that children can pursue their interests. We also pay attention to both types of communication (verbal and non-verbal)


Because we are a multilingual institution, a major focus of ours is the promotion of the German and English languages. In addition, we place great emphasis on promoting the children’s sense of belonging, as well as the right to make mistakes. Our professionals support this process with an encouraging attitude towards the children.

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