Quality in caregiving.

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Our values

Connected, caring, curious

People feel that their work makes the most sense the more their activity corresponds to their own personal values.

In a joint process with all team members, we have therefore considered which values shape us most at rainbowtrekkers:


We have illustrated the results of this team process in the above presentation, which is displayed as a poster in our institutions. They read:

  • We are curious and open to others. We respect the individuality of each individual and continue to develop.
  • We belong together, because we are both a part of our small kindergarten community and citizens of this world. That is why children learn to move in a variety of cultures. We see social participation and the assumption of responsibility both as rights and duties for children and adults.
  • We are empathetic by defending our needs, interests and ideas while respecting the needs of others. Rights and responsibility belong together. We expect adults to be aware of their responsibilities as role models. We give each other feedback and promote conflict resolution strategies.

Members of:

Förderverein Frühe Bildung in der Kita
Transparente Zivilgesellschaft