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Complaint and reporting system

Sometimes things happen by mistake, with good intentions, under pressure or to overcome challenges and only over time grow bigger and gain in scope and risk potential. If you feel that you or others have been treated incorrectly by rainbowtrekkers employees, you should complain to us. Your complaint will help us to systematically learn from our mistakes.

Sometimes things can happen that are not legally correct and should not happen. If you suspect that rainbowtrekkers employees are not complying with legal requirements, you should report this to us so that the behavior can be checked and, if necessary, remedied.

You can submit both complaints and reports via our reporting portal.

Personally or anonymously

Sometimes things are easier to clarify in a direct conversation. Especially in social work, an open conversation between the parties involved can often improve relationships.

However, if you prefer to make an anonymous report, this is also possible. Our reporting portal complies with the requirements of the European Whistleblower Protection Act. It is not technically possible for us as the recipient to identify the person making the report. If you would like to submit an anonymous report by telephone, an external hotline with specially trained employees who neither you nor we know personally is available to you.

Alternatively, it is of course still possible to contact the responsible persons at the kindergarten directly. The following table shows you who you can address your personal complaint to:

ComplainantTopicIn chargeAppeal
ChildrenFriendships, relationships, likes and dislikes, educational offers, participatory aspects, group rules, excursions, foodEducatorsPrincipal
ParentsEducational activities, group rules, daily routine, group rooms, hygiene and child-related issuesGroup leadersPrincipal
ParentsStaff membersPrincipalHead of HR
ParentsEducational concept, group composition, infrastructurePrincipalManagement
ParentsPrincipal, contractual and financial mattersManagementYouth Office
StaffEquipment and ressourcesPrincipalManagement
StaffShift and holiday plansPrincipalHead of HR
SuppliersContractual and financial mattersPrincipalManagement
NeighboursTraffic, parking, pollutionPrincipalManagement

What happens to the complaint you gave in person?

If you contact the person responsible directly with a personal complaint, this person will first listen to you. They will then try to understand the problem you have described and, if necessary, carry out their own research. The person may contact you with further questions. Once the matter has been clarified, the person will provide you with feedback on your complaint.

If you are of the opinion that the person responsible has not recorded and pursued your complaint correctly, you can “appeal”. The person responsible for the appeal will not examine the content of your complaint. Instead, it will formally check whether the person responsible for your complaint has handled your complaint correctly. If this was the case, the complaint process is closed. If this was not the case, however, they will delegate your complaint back to the person responsible with a request for rectification.

What happens to your report submitted via the reporting system?

You can find our reporting portal here.

Reports submitted via the reporting portal are processed in the same way as personal complaints. If the suspicion of a violation of the law is confirmed, the responsible authorities will be informed of this suspicion.

Irrespective of this, all events that fall under the reporting obligation of Section 47 SGB VIII are reported to the responsible state youth welfare office, regardless of the reporting channel and regardless of whether the suspicion is substantiated or not.

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