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Now it's official!

'A-Level' for our quality-management

Final report of the auditor:
The management system of Rainbowtrekkers gGmbH meets the requirements of the PQ-Sys®.
It is implemented appropriately and effectively in the “Träger” as well as in the three locations.
No deviations from the quality procedure PQ-Sys® were found.
A comprehensive and differentiated intranet (Sharepoint) is available to all employees of the organization, in which all information on standards, process descriptions, checklists, procedures, deadlines and contact persons can be found in a structured manner.
Furthermore, the organization uses the HR software ‘Personio’, the ‘KitaPlusApp’, ‘MS Teams’ and the facility management program ‘UpKeep’. The requirements of the areas B,C,D and F have been confirmed in all interviews (GS, locations 1-3) with very well comprehensible examples.

The statements of the participants were authentic, committed and transparent as well as differentiated and showed the processes, implementation and goals very well.

The interviews gave the impression that the responsible persons at the level of the organization have implemented a participative management style and that all participants in the interviews share a common basic attitude and an identical image of the child and of the understanding of education. At the same time, there is a high level of identification with the daycare center and the provider profile.

The auditor recommends SQ Cert to certify the management system.

And here is our “certificate”:

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