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Books on sport and movement:

Vorlesetag great success also thanks to parent volunteers

Over the past few weeks the team of our Widdersdorf branch has been working on the project theme of “books”. This project worked alongside the Bundesweite Vorlesetag which took place on Friday the 15th of November. Sam, Sandra and their colleagues also run a small book fair in the kindergarten in cooperation with Widdersdorfer Buchladen during this project.

For this Vorlesetag they offered their student’s family members the opportunity to come to the kindergarten and read. Many different reading areas had been prepaired for this day so that the readers could spend time with small groups of students.

The theme for the Vorlesetag was sports and movement. Many of the books in the book fair were based on this theme and readers had the chance to read one of these books or bring their own.

Needless to say, this project was a great success. A big thank you goes to our readers and to Widdersdorfer Buchladen, Doris Lambert, Sabine Grebe, Katrin Tenborg-Weber, Denise Bergheim, Maika Grüning, Annika Steimel, Sarah Grebe and Regina Steinbach.

Thank you for your support and we hope to continue with this project in the future.

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