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Support in times of crisis:

Daily morning circles scheduled to go online within the next few days

An uncertain time of privation lies ahead of us. We hope and pray for all rainbowtrekkers, for Cologne and the world, that the epidemic and its accompanying social circumstances may spare us and cause as little damage as possible. However, it is still unclear when and how we will all meet again.

Virtual Morning Circle

In addition to the challenges in the health sector, a great burden is placed on our families these days. Employees are threatened with short-time work or dismissal, self-employed workers are faced with a drastic order decline. More and more parents work from home and have to manage work, family and household under one roof, while external support networks such as kindergartens and grandparents might not be available.

Our employees are determined not to leave you and your children alone in this time of crisis. We at rainbowtrekkers want to support you as much as possible in maintaining a piece of everyday routine. That is why we decided to move part of our activities to the internet. We are proud to announce that our new virtual morning circle “Vici” will probably go online this Thursday.

As part of this project, each of our kita groups will have their own conference channel, on which our employees will welcome the children of their respective group to the morning circle as part of a daily video conference. We are going to offer a variety of games, tasks and discussion groups, stories, reading sessions and projects. Our music teacher Amira, who is already known to many children, also offered her support. The program is scheduled to last around 30 to 45 minutes a day (for younger children, due to their shorter attention span, the daily session will be shorter).

I hope to be able to send you details of the times and the technical requirements by e-mail tomorrow.

With this project we would like to make a contribution to the rainbowtrekkers community in order for the social bonds between the children to be preserved and for the children to find a way within their group to process, express and exchange their current experiences with our pedagogical staff.

Let’s stay human in difficult times. Even if our own lives are becoming more uncomfortable at the moment, we don’t want to forget that others have an even more difficult time. Let us support our dear ones and relatives who need help. “Curious, caring and connected” – these are the values ​​that rainbowtrekkers employees had adopted upon themselves and we want to remember them in difficult times. We see our “Virtual Morning Circle” project as part of this effort.

P.S .: The current situation teaches us that not everything is in our hands. All the more we have to take responsibility for what in fact is in our hands. That is why I would like to refer again to the recommendations for action from our previous newsletter: Avoid crowds of people, even in the smallest of frames. Keep a safe distance of 1.5 to 2 meters from other people. Postpone stadium, restaurant and concert visits, friends’ parties and other non-domestic entertainment. Stay at home. Don’t travel. Cancel appointments that are not absolutely necessary. Avoid shaking hands when greeting. Do not stay physically close to other people outside your family.

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