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On social accountability in the non-profit sector

The rainbowtrekkers have joined the ranks of the “Initiative for a Transparent Civil Society” (ITZ) . The German Central Institute for Social Issues has confirmed to us this week on behalf of Transparency International that the rainbowtrekkers meet all transparency criteria to be allowed to use the ITZ logo.

Transparente Zivilgesellschaft

Civil society organizations in Germany – such as rainbowtrekkers – are subject to state control, but hardly any social control. In the case of a daycare provider such as our, state control is mainly exercised by the tax offices with regard to non-profit issues and by the youth welfare offices, which check whether the state funding have been used in accordance with the guidelines.

However, this means that the efficiency of the taxpayers’ money used and the pedagogical output is not or only very marginally monitored. As taxpaying parents, however, we believe that you have a right to know that we have not only entered your money in the correct legal books, but have also used it in such a way that it has created added value for both society in general and the education system in particular.

Because we take our commitment to accountability seriously we have revised our website and put together all the information, that was necessary in order to be allowed to use the logo of the “Initiative Transparent Civil Society”.

In contrast to Germany, the Anglo-Saxon countries are much more firmly convinced that transparency is a value in itself when dealing with non-profit organizations (NPO) and/or non-governmental organizations (NGO). With the rainbowtrekkers we feel obliged to this Anglo-Saxon tradition.

Our reasons for advocating more transparency do not primarily have anything to do with a general suspicion of corruption or misallocation. Rather, together with other innovative organizations of the third sector, we see a number of democratic-theoretical arguments in addition to ethical principles of a good civil society. You can also find more about this on our website.

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