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With banners, horses and bagpipes:

Traditional Saint Martin's parades at our kindergartens

As in prevous years, this month Saint Martin visited all of our institutions. On Thursday the 7th of November the traditional lantern parade started at 5 p.m. at the Kindergarten in Widdersdorf. Riding on his horse, Saint Martin led 80 parents, grandparents and their children in the parade around the kindergarten. While walking with their lanterns, they sang Saint Martin’s songs.

The principals, teachers and children prepared a special rainbowtrekkers banner for the parade which was proudly carried by the first line of attendees. When retuning to the kindergarden, the “Smarties” group performed a short Sankt Martin play for all the students and parents.

The same day there was another Saint Martin’s parade at the Lindenthal kindergarten to which Saint Martin (here performed by Iva’s husband Petar Sekulovic) paid a visit as well. He led 40 parents, grandparents and their children on a short walk around the Kita. The children proudly wore their hand-made lanterns while singing Saint Martin’s songs. Upon returning to the kindergarten, participants enjoyed some cacao, coffee and traditional German Weckmänner.

Same days later there was a special lantern parade at our kindergarten in Junkersdorf which was accompanied by bagpipe player Steffen Pantermehl (father of Hailey Mrosk). About 80 parents, grandparents and children joined the walk through the already dusky neighbourhood. Back at the kindergarten, parents, kids and teachers enjoyed fun time together with hot cacao for the young ones and traditional German mulled wine for the adults.


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