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Digitalization to counteract skilled labor shortage –

HR with new face and technology

We welcome Ms. Elena Kempe to our management team, a substitute for Ms. Leonie Schaffrinna who is currently on maternity leave. Ms. Kempe will be a part of the HR team at rainbowtrekkers until the end of this year. Ms. Kempe is a trained HR personnel.

Elena Kempe

She comes to us at a time of digitization in our HR area. In addition to our new Payscale (see newsletter dated December 20, 2019), we have introduced new personnel management software. Since then, both our employees’ time keeping and salaries have been managed entirely digitally. The new system from IT – startup personio not only simplifies employee administration and payroll accounting, but also creates significant synergies in the area of reporting.

The core of the new system is the recruitment area: Since December, applicants have been able to transfer their documents directly to our personnel management system via the rainbowtrekkers website. We hope that this will result in shorter response times and faster filling up of vacancies. Due to the great shortage of skilled workers, the waiting times for filling up of vacancies are currently up to three months.

In addition to above, the software should support us in making the onboarding processes of new employees more effective. Given the market scenarios, we continue to expect fluctuation rate to remain high in the future. But we would try to cushion the effects with further digitalization and to counteract them by addressing softer issues such as sense and meaningfulness of work which we think are important factors for potential applicants and staff members alike.

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