Quality in caregiving.

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Our work was rewarded

Approval for our quality management

On 7.6. and 8.6. an auditor came to us in Dürener Straße and to each facility to check our structures.
She was impressed by our organizational structures, communication channels and distribution of tasks.

Over the past few years, we had worked intensively on our internal processes and built an intranet interface that makes all important information immediately accessible to our employees and enables smooth and fast communication. Because only a well-organized company in the background enables the educators on site to do their work with and for the children with dedication.
The seal for which we applied and which we will soon be officially awarded is called pq-sys and is a management seal that pays special attention to the conditions in social institutions. It is a recognition for those who otherwise work in the background, so that the educators on site can fully concentrate on the children and perform this important educational work.

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