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Access to education and participation must not depend on the immune status

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Cologne daycare providers speak up against compulsary COVID-19 vaccinations for children in Kindergartens

A “vaccination summit” hosted today by chancellor Angela Merkel is expected to take a decision on how to proceed with vaccinations for children of school and kindergarten age. Merkel had already warned in April against “running the the system with unvaccinated children”. Three daycare providers in Cologne now criticize in a joint statement: The basic children’s rights to education and participation must not depend on the immune status.

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In May of this year, the German Medical Association passed a resolution that has set the course ahead of today’s vaccination summit. It says:
  • “In winter 2021/2022, access to daycare and school can only be secured with a timely COVID-19 vaccination. Without a vaccination, especially for younger children, a renewed lockdown for this age group will lead to further, serious negative consequences for the childrens’s psychological development. Families with children can only regain equal participation in society with vaccinated children.”
This point of view meets with criticism from the three daycare providers. “We are of course pleased that it was finally understood what catastrophic consequences the current pandemic strategy has for children,” says Joel Mertens from rainbowtrekkers Kita gGmbH. Sarah Detmer from Kita Rehkids e.V. adds: “The right to education and participation is an inalienable human right. For far too long this has been withdrawn and withheld from children without any scientific basis.”

Christiane Allstädt from the Kita Froschkönig e.V. notes: “Children’s rights have now become linked to a politically induced vaccination program, the benefit of which is simply lacking for the children and more than questionable for general society. This is an unacceptable demand and an arrogance of behalf the German Medical Association.” All three daycare providers condemn the positioning of the German Medical Association in the strongest possible terms.

They point out that none of the vaccines against Covid19 available in Germany have gone through a regular approval process. All vaccines only hold an “emergency approval”, under which the long-term vaccine effects have not been investigated at all. The lack of long-term studies is particularly relevant for children compared to other age groups.

Mertens, Detmer and Allstädt therefore demand in unison: “Schools and daycare centers can and must be fully reopened immediately – without any questionable vaccination experiments on children.”

  • Joel Mertens, rainbowtrekkers Kita gGmbH
  • Sarah Detmer, Kita Rehkids e.V.
  • Christiane Allstädt, Kita Froschkönig e.V.

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