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Breath of life

rainbow trekkers prodly present an exclusiv video workshop

We are honored to share this stress management tool with all of you!

Trinati, “Mother in the wild”, in collaboration with Ashley Detray, our “Family Center” – leader, has put together our own YouTube channel with videos of breathing exercises to regulate the nervous system.

There are about 6 breathing exercises in total, and in each video she beautifully explains in detail the functions, the science behind them, and how to practice them with yourself and your child/children. Her awareness of the art of breathwork is a treasure, and we are forever grateful to her for sharing these valuable exercises and her knowledge with our Rainbowtrekkers community.

Our goal is for these breathing techniques to become a regular practice for self-regulation and stress management for our parents and educators, and hopefully inspire our children to exhibit the same behavior.

just clicking on the link below will take you to our youtube channel:

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