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Stop the viruses:

No entry to the kindergarten without washing your hands

Please note that until further notice you can only enter our kindergartens if you wash your hands and your children’s hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds immediately after entering.

Be smart today so that we can keep our kindergartens open for you tomorrow.

We ask for your understanding of this measure and urge your cooperation.

Donation campaign for sanitary supplies

On Sunday I wrote to you with a call for donations for hand disinfectants. We need these disinfectants in the sanitary and baby changing rooms for our employees to prevent them from becoming infected or carrying viruses and germs to adults and children.

We do not use disinfectants on the skin of children but instead pay attention to regular hand washing with soap upon arrival, after using the toilet and before eating.

With regard to disinfectants, we have now inventoried our own stocks. We assume that these will be sufficient at least until the end of the month. We hope that by then we will have installed the new non-touch hygiene stations in the group rooms, sanitary and entrance areas in all of our kindergartens.

These will be continuously stocked by an external service provider who also guarantees the availability of the consumables. We had basically decided on this investment already before the current corona wave. However, due to the current situation, it has become even more urgent for us.

Our call for donations from Sunday will continue until the new non-touch hygiene system is introduced. In the meantime, unfortunately our suppliers also have delivery problems with hand washing soap and wet wipes. Here, too, we currently live from our stocks. Please help us if you can. We can issue a tax-effective donation receipt if you submit the purchase receipt to us together with your donation.

Quarantine regulations


Children or employees returning from the risk areas listed below may not visit our kindergartens for the first 14 days after their return: Mainland China, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea, Japan, Iran (new) or Italy.

Regardless of whether symptoms of illness exist, these people should avoid unnecessary contact and, if possible, remain in home quarantine. If you or your children belong to this group, you must inform me by email.


It should be clarified that this regulation applies to all regions of the countries mentioned. However, it only applies to children or employees who have stayed in the risk regions themselves. It does not apply to children whose relatives or contacts come back from these regions.

This rule also does not apply to employees and children who have not left the airport transit areas of ​​Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Thailand or Japan. With regard to China, South Korea, Iran and Italy, however, the rule also applies if employees or children have been only in the transit area.

No restrictions in our services offered

With due consideration of the quarantine regulations and the urgent appeal for hand washing, according to the current risk assessment, no restriction to the services offered in our kindergartens are necessary. All activities (including excursions) can and should take place as planned.

If anything changes in this risk assessment, we will inform you accordingly in a timely manner.

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